Rent Your Favorite Dune Buggy for An Hour or More

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Monday blues have got you down or you are just tired of the daily monotony of boring life? Then how about taking a buggy safari in Dubai to make your life more interesting! You can strap in high gear and can explore those dunes in the two-seater dune buggies which are designed specially by experts for an amazing experience.

Rent a buggy

Our buggy rental UAE is a one-stop platform from where you can rent your favorite dune buggies for an hour, hours or a day too. These dune buggies can deliver a thrilling experience and allows a way for exploring the breathtaking UAE dunes. You don’t need to be an expert to drive them, they are user-friendly. Before starting your buggy adventure in a dune buggy, there are few things to be considered.

First, you need to rent a buggy safari in Dubai. Our buggy rental UAE is the best place for renting dune safari. They offer an experienced guide and will be trained on the safe operation of this adventure sports buggy that takes a few minutes. As you will smash through dunes and travel along the valleys, you will find that our Dubai buggy safari is safer than other buggies present in the market, which comes equipped with a complete roll cage, safety harnesses and, bucket seats.

Bookings available for all

We also have a team of experts that can offer you complete mechanical issues. We also accept the bookings for the afternoon, mid-day and morning excursions. Our buggy includes,

  • Transportation to & from the desert
  • Complete safety briefing on arrival
  • Experienced guide to explain
  • A team offering mechanical assistance
  • Goggles and Helmets provided

Driving on the dunes

Driving on the dunes is a bit different than driving on plain surfaces. The sand offers higher resistance which means you have to hit the uphill slopes at a good speed for keeping up with the momentum. Avoid braking hard as when you let off the gas, the natural resistance of sand can slow you down. Braking hard in the sand can also result in getting stuck. You might also experience the wheel spin at some point. If in case, you start spinning, never try powering the way out. You need to make a big rut.

Explore Dubai on a dune safari

If you try going up on a dune, the best option is going back down and trying with more speed again. Our extreme dune buggy Dubai allows you to pass through trees and you can also stop for a memorable campfire. You won’t realize how fast your drive will last for an hour or more. We keep all the safety and security of customers in mind and have the expert guides and drivers.

We can assist you easily during the tour and from the onset. We can help you with all the basics as to how to handle buggy and what you should do when you are on desert sand.

Follow expert instructions

We advise our clients to follow all the tips on the trail. Driving dune buggies is not at all a game. You need to practice caution and our instructions can help you with a smooth dune journey on our buggies.